Businesses that Re-condition, Upcycle and Refurbish and Actually Make Money

We live in a time where it’s completely acceptable to shop for second-hand items. If you’re thinking of starting up your own business this year, you might want to consider starting up one that’s in tune with everyone’s goal to re-use and reduce.


Auto Sales and Services

If you’re into cars and you have a knack for helping people find the right vehicle that suits their needs and their lifestyle, then an auto franchise opportunity may be the most suitable for you. This has business prospects that include and used car sales as part of the franchise package.

This business has been around since time immemorial. It is perhaps the very best example that tells us that buying used and second hand is actually a completely wise and practical move. And at the same time, it provides the opportunity for upgrading customers to find the perfect brand new car that’s fuel-efficient or even ones that run on green energy.

The franchise company will provide the dealer with training and all the necessary tools to set up and run the business, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Up-cycled Pieces

If you have an eye for style and design, and you have the natural ability to find treasure finds in thrift shops or yard sales, then your skills and this business is quite a match made in heaven. What’s good about this business is it has a lot of room for experimenting with redesigning and restyling pieces.

They take these pieces from their original form and turn them into a brand new work of art. An old, lackluster chair can become a nice end table or a newly reupholstered side chair or accent chair – one single item can take a whole new form.

A thing combined with another piece of “junk” becomes a whole new piece altogether. This business is all about finding ways to breathe new life into old things and making new and unique pieces out of combining pieces from salvaged items.

This is an excellent way to promote a business that re-establishes the value for a discarded material or junked furniture so that it will become useful and valuable again, and come out as something that people will actually buy. These things become a work of art and are quite decorative, too.


Refurbished Furniture

If making furniture is your game, then giving new life to old furniture might just be something you’d enjoy doing for a long time while earning a living from doing it, too. This may sound a tad similar to up-cycling, but the difference is this focuses on refurbishing and restoring old furniture pieces, including rare and antique finds.

There is a huge market for people who are looking for these types of furniture, including designers, decorators, and collectors who are willing to pay the price tag, if the piece is right. Vintage and Antiques are especially valuable, especially ones that come in designs that are associated with culture and history.

As you can see, these businesses have a solid and constant market base and have passed the test of time. These businesses are the perfect examples of giving used possessions a second look and turning it into new treasures and great finds.

In that manner, they help upgrading customers find the perfect brand new investment that they can use and enjoy for a very long time.



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