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Tried and Tested Maintenance Tips for New Truck Owners

The RAM truck is known for making the drive to and from your destination as pleasant as possible. A few noteworthy features include its 12-inch touchscreen infotainment center, front and rear park assist, multifunction tailgate, and blind-spot monitoring. Many also commend the RAM truck for its durability and ability to sustain off-road travel.

However buying a new RAM vehicle for sale comes with the added responsibility of caring for the truck to keep it in top condition. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Inspect Your Tires Regularly

Stay away from accidents and examine your tires at the beginning of your auto maintenance routine. This is notably one of the simplest, yet most important, things you should do regularly. You may notice that having even a single tire underinflated could cost you more in terms of fuel efficiency in the long run. Furthermore, regardless of how many tires are flat, your truck won’t be able to hit the road.

Keep in mind that some tires, though inflated properly, are still worth disposing of. Worn-down tires have a weaker grasp on the road, increasing the difficulty of driving. Inflate your tires according to their manufacturer’s specifications. Be mindful not to overinflate them as that could cause premature tread wear and blowouts.

Pay Attention to Your Lights

Faulty exterior lights can prevent you from driving safely at night. In this scenario, it’s best to postpone any trips and replace any dimming lights as soon as possible. Remember to double-check whether your interior lights are functional, too.

Be Prepared to Replace Parts

Every part wears out over time. However, buying replacements may be easier for some parts than others. Buy multiple parts in bulk the first time and store them for later. This saves you from the hassle of having to look for them in the future. Moreover, having backup pieces readily available can come in handy when you need a replacement and the manufacturer no longer produces your required model.

Ideally, aim for parts that come with lifetime warranties. These include alternators, oil seals, starters, and brake pads. Make sure you double-check each item before every purchase as parts that do not appear to have lifetime warranties may have them after all.

Monitor Your Oil Levels

Engine oil has multiple purposes, such as preventing corrosion, getting rid of contaminants, and transferring heat. Its main purpose, however, is to continuously grease the engine’s moving parts. Without fresh oil, its components can easily generate excessive amounts of friction, overheat, and fail. Change your oil accordingly after driving the recommended mileage for your RAM to avoid costly engine repairs or replacements.

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Conduct Exterior Body Checks

A truck’s exterior is just as important as its interior. Thus, it’s important to test whether your brake remains fully functional from time to time. Moreover, make sure you steer clear of large puddles or mud as they contain abrasive dirt that can heavily corrode your truck’s undercarriage.

Likewise, protect your locks from water moisture to prevent rust, especially during colder seasons. Spray them with WD-40 lubricants after parking at the end of the day. Rust also usually stems from areas with chipped paint. Get a new fresh coat of paint from your trusted paint shop. Wash your RAM often to avoid contaminants from damaging your paint in the future.

Get the Electrical System Professionally Checked

If you notice that some functions are failing, you may be experiencing difficulties with your alternator, battery, or motor. Alternatively, the problem may be due to loose or torn wires. Schedule an inspection with truck experts to resolve these issues immediately.

Understand Your Trip Condition

After going through the points mentioned above, it’s time to establish a plan for long-term care. Your truck will require different kinds of care depending on your frequency of use and overall driving habits. Coordinate with a trusted mechanic to establish the best routine for your RAM.

Get the Most Out of the RAM

Don’t be discouraged if you encounter issues without a quick fix. Different truck models require different types of care. Oftentimes, one solution may not work for every RAM. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from acquiring your own truck, no matter its intended use.

Make the investment in a RAM vehicle worthwhile. With proper care and maintenance, this truck can stay fully operational for over a decade. Finally, consider having it professionally checked from time to time. This ensures that every aspect of it is covered and all issues are accounted for.



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