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3 Common Concerns During Road Construction Projects and How to Handle Them

Road construction projects require a lot of coordination to ensure that they progress smoothly. Other than fulfilling the project objectives, there is a need to also ensure the safety and well-being of the stakeholders. This is especially true for the immediate community where the construction project will be undertaken. Therefore, a lot of planning is required to coordinate certain operations such as traffic control and road diversions.

Traffic Control

This is often the biggest challenge that faces road construction companies, especially when working on urban roads. In the past, the amount of manpower required increased the operating expenses of the contractors. However, the invention of portable traffic lights brought a permanent solution. There is no longer a need to have some workers standing along the road with safety flags. Instead, the control of traffic can now be automated. The portability of the lights means that they can easily be moved along the section of the road under construction at any given time.

Road Diversions

These come in handy when a section of the road requires a lot of work and the construction company feels that the flow of traffic through the section would be a disturbance. Consider a section of a road that requires excavation to either improve its drainage or to build a bridge over a river. Such an area may put the safety of road users at risk if they are allowed to use the road at the time. As such, there may be a need to determine a road diversion to direct traffic away from that area. The road diversion may be designed from the existing feeder roads. Sometimes, there may be a need to create a temporal road to be used for the time being. Road diversions ought to be clearly indicated using the appropriate road signs. In fact, there may be a need to announce the diversions through mass communication media. Poorly indicated diversions can result in road accidents, especially at night.

Workers’ Safety

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During construction, a company’s workers often face many risks. The risks may arise from the nature of the work itself, from the motorists on the road, or even from the elements. An example is during heavy rains. Unless the construction activities are to be halted until the rain stops, the workers on duty may require to be provided with special clothing such as raincoats. Also, during the entire period of a construction project, it is expected that the contracted company will provide its workers with the necessary safety gear. An example is safety jackets and vests that increase the visibility of the workers to motorists on the road. Other pieces of safety equipment may include helmets, safety boots, overalls, and nose masks. Also, before kick-starting the project, there is a need for the workers to be taken through a safety training course.

Through proper planning, a road construction project may move to completion with little or no difficulty. There will also be no cases of accidents related to workers or road users.



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