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Letting Go: Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Used Car

A car is one of those possessions that can hold a lot of value, both monetary and sentimental. When you own one, there’s always the possibility that you would have to let go of it. Of course, since you’ve likely acquired it through purchase, you would want to get back some of what you’ve spent. And what better way to do that than sell it? However, as easy as it may sound, you should take care to avoid the following mistakes when reselling your car.

Not Keeping Track of Maintenance

It makes sense to take your vehicle to a car repair company in Auckland to make sure that it’s running well before you sell it. However, many forget to keep records of past services and maintenance checks. Buyers often want to get to know the car before they make their decision, and the information that they look into includes the vehicle’s previous trips to the service centre. So make sure to keep any and all records that you have.

Failing to Know Your Car’s Specs

As mentioned earlier, potential buyers want to know more about the items they’re interested in. So why would you expect anyone to simply purchase your car with little information about it? Get all of your vehicle’s specs in order. Make a list or table for it if you have to. Knowing all this also makes it easier for you to price your car better and arrive at a fair deal for both you and the buyer.

Forgetting to Take Care of the Paperwork

One of the common mistakes that people make when they sell their car is forgetting to transfer the title to the new owner. It might seem like a small matter to you at first, but you will regret it when the car gets into trouble and you have to do something about it because you’re still named as the owner. Once you have a sure deal, get the paperwork done immediately.

Leaving Your Car Unwashed  Just because it’s a used car that you’re selling doesn’t mean that you should sell it in its dirty and unwashed state. If you’ve seen any other item for sale online or in a physical store, you would lean towards the nicer looking pieces. Why would it be different for a car? In fact, a clean vehicle will give a better impression that you’re taking care of it, and will encourage buyers to love it the same way that you do.

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Making a Weak Ad – Now that you have all the details, it’s time to put it all together. Treat your for-sale ad as if it’s the only ad that you will ever make. Make sure that the information and the pricing are correct, and any pictures are clear. Describe it in the best way that you can, and don’t be afraid to be transparent with any issues that it may have. A sparse ad is going to have a hard time selling your car.

Selling a vehicle is hard work, but as long as you do things properly, you’ll have a better chance of getting a buyer for it. Treat it as you would any other item on sale.



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