Windshield Damage

The Causes of Windshield Damage and Its Risks

A cracked windshield or any damage to the car windows poses a risk to motorists and their passengers. Most people brush off the small chips and cracks on their windshields because they are not aware of the dangers that it may cause.

There are several reasons why a windshield gets chipped or cracked. Sometimes it’s unnoticeable that only when it gets worse that motorists take action. A chip can affect your line of sight, and you may miscalculate things that are coming near as you can see it in the windshield.

Chipped windshield usually happens when small stones or rocks hit the screen at high speed. It occurs when tires from other vehicles fling debris behind them, causing it to hit your windshield. Chipping or cracks can also happen if objects come flying from a passing car in the opposite direction.

Open-top trunks with gravel load can also be a cause of windshield damage. If the road is bumpy, gravel can fly out from the truck bed and land hard on the windshield. Circumstances like this can be avoided if the proper distance is observed.

But if things get awry, there are mobile windshield replacement services in Orem, Utah. Other than these apparent reasons for a chipped and cracked windshield, here are other possible causes for windshield damage.

Poor installation

A car’s windshield is installed during manufacture in a factory. Machine assisted assemblies can often be faulty and not be up to standards. A defective installation may cause a loose windshield, causing it to vibrate and crack.

Temperature changes

Extreme temperature changes from hot to cold can affect the windshield glass and cause breakage. Glass expands and contracts in different temperature conditions, such as when using the defroster and car heater. The expansion and contraction happening at different rates can lead to cracks.


Weather conditions

Sudden pressure changes like wind gusts can cause stress cracks. Hail storms falling at high speed can definitely cause damage on the windshield. Hailstone sizes range from “golf ball size” or “baseball-sized” can cause irreparable damage to a windshield.

Danger in damage

Unchecked cracks, no matter how small, can become a huge problem if ignored for a long time. A cracked windshield has compromised structural integrity. This leaves the driver and its passengers vulnerable in case of an accident.

A small crack or chip can still be fixed, depending on the findings of a professional. This can save lives if a damaged windshield is repaired immediately. It can also save you money if the windshield damage will be fixed and not wait for it to get worse – which may cost you more in the long run.

A chipped and cracked windshield is unsightly and better to have it repaired in the soonest possible time to avoid major problems in the future. There are professionals who would be able to help you even with the smallest of cracks. When it comes to these problems in cars, it is better to be safe than to be sorry in the end.



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