Top Tips for Buying a Used RV

Are you looking to buy a used RV and want to ensure you get a great and functional vehicle? With such an investment, you want to be safe when you’re deciding what to purchase. Let’s look at some top purchasing tips from an expert in RV service.

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First, you should be sure to research prices. Check third-party sources to ensure you’re getting a good deal. You can find prices for RVs that are in great or poor condition. The same RV model may fluctuate in price, depending on its condition.

Another thing to look for in a used RV is signs of low use. The odometer may not be the best thing to look for, as it may be parked and used heavily. The three easy signs of low use include slide seal condition, generator hours, and no wood rot on the slide outs.

You should also ask for the maintenance history of the RV. Common issues include the engine or drivetrain on motorhomes and axles or wheel bearings on towable RVs. You’ll want to see how well-maintained it’s been before you make a purchase. This will prevent the need for constant RV service.

These are just a few tips to consider when purchasing an RV. View the video above for even more great tips. We hope this can assist you in your RV journey.





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