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Different Types of Car Rentals

Renting a car gives you many benefits. People who do not own one can move about freely in a rental car. A rental vehicle also comes in handy if you are looking to access places where your own car would find difficulty going, like when off-roading or camping. Finally, car rentals, especially those that come with drivers, are convenient. They can get you to your destination without having to worry about parking and other logistics.

There are many options for you if you want a self-drive rental car in Manila. You can get an economy or luxury car and anything in between. Knowing the available options can help you pick what best fits your itinerary:

Economy and compact rentals

Economy rentals are small and agile. They are an excellent pick if you are concerned about your budget because they are fuel-efficient. They serve short-term travels well. Most cars will allow you to move between 30 and 35 miles for every gallon of fuel. The vehicles can accommodate a maximum of four adults, up to two suitcases, and even a backpack. Compact rentals, on the other hand, provide superior performance to economy cars at slightly less fuel efficiency. With a compact rental vehicle, you can travel for 25 to 30 miles for one gallon of fuel. You also enjoy an ample storage space that can fit three suitcases and a small bag.

Midsize and full-size rentals

Family in a minivanTravelers who esteem comfort can benefit from midsize rentals without having to break the bank. You will appreciate this rental if you travel with a lot of luggage. The storage space is up to 17 cubic feet in size and can fit four suitcases. In a full-size rental, the storage space is one cubic foot bigger than with a midsize rental. Most models have affordable fuel economy with a consumption ranging from 15 to 25 miles of fuel for each gallon. One can stow four bags and camping equipment in this vehicle.

Sport and luxury rentals

These vehicles are perfect for someone who wants to indulge. Whether it is a one week journey with your friends for a wedding party outing or a tour to see beautiful scenery, luxury rentals are perfect for comfort. The amount of luggage you can carry with you will vary based on the make and the model of the car. Luxury rentals are characterized by an option to customize them for maximum enjoyment.

Mercedes and SUV rentals

An SUV rental is the ideal pick for a family vacation. The vehicle provides vast storage space and big enough sitting space. SUVs are designed to take extra equipment so that you can carry whatever you need for family fun time. An SUV can fit up to five people. Renting a Mercedes, on the other hand, is about luxury and comfort. The cars provide you with safety packaged in a sleek design. Mercedes vehicles provide large sitting spaces.

When renting a vehicle, two questions are the most important. What is your budget? What is your intent? Establishing how much you have to spend and what activities you hope to participate in will help you make your choice easy.



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