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Minivan Mama or SUV Baby? 5 Signs You Need One More Than the Other

If you ask around for the best vehicle for a growing family, chances are you’re getting two popular options: a minivan and an SUV. Even if you ask Google, it will probably tell you the same thing. So, should you go to a dealer of the latest SUV models or a minivan dealer?

Here’s a checklist to help you decide which one to buy.

1. You’re after the looks

Let’s face it: The way our car looks matters at times. Some vehicles will make you say, “I’d rather be dead than be seen driving that.” It’s a trivial issue, but for some, it’s a deal breaker. Unfortunately, between the two, a minivan does not have the upper hand. It’s a personal preference, but the SUV’s sporty feel is what most aesthetically conscious individuals go for.

That does not mean minivans are downright ugly. New iterations to the recent models are making them more attractive.

2. You love the off-road or live in a snowy area

Whether you’re driving alone or with your family off-road, only one vehicle type should accompany you: the SUV. This is because SUVs come with either an all-wheel or a four-wheel-drive option. This makes driving on unimproved roads more manageable. What’s more, some SUVs come with electronic traction management systems for optimized drive trains at almost any driving condition.

Other factors that make the SUV the clear winner in this category are the higher ground clearance, which is great for rough roads, and more robust suspension components that make you feel comfortable despite the rough terrain.

3. You need power

Minivans are powerful, but SUVs have larger engines, which are necessary if you are transporting a big family or plenty of items regularly. With the 475 horsepower on some SUVs, you can also tow two 9300 pounds if you have the right equipment. This means you can tow a ski boat and even a trailer with no problem.

That doesn’t mean minivans lag too far behind. You can still haul a jet ski with its V4 or V6, 296 hp engine.

4. Height matters to you

If height is important to you, you must know that since SUVs have higher ground clearance, you may need to step up to get in and out. If your children are still small and you rely on strollers a lot, getting them in and out of an SUV will be more challenging as you may do more lifting.

If you have a bigger family that includes some grownups, the minivan should be perfect.

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5. A fat wallet describes you

If money is never a problem for you, you can go for an SUV. There are more varieties and will still look good even when you don’t have babies in the passenger seats. And since SUV’s offer more power, you can take them almost anywhere; they’re flexible. If you’re heading to the beach, going skiing, or simply driving to the nearest restaurant, the SUV can take you there fast.

For the other criteria you must consider, such as safety, fuel economy, and entertainment options, car experts say that these two are both great options. SUVs and minivans are safe, can save you on gas, and offer a variety of entertainment options for you and your family.



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