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Essentials of Regal Party

When A-list celebrities gather for an event, it causes a public stir and everyone’s excited to see what their favorite stars are wearing. Not only that, but entertainment websites and magazines are all on their toes to cover the event. That’s because star-studded parties are styled to impress and to be made the talk of the town.

For event organizers, it would be a great experience to plan an event for affluent people. Lavish parties would have a lot of demands, like being able to accommodate guests from many locations. They may require all sorts of transport services to be available, such as airport limousine transfers to North Miami and other locations.

High-society party guests would expect a lot of elements in planning and event styling that are not commonly seen in other parties. If you’re throwing such a party, you should be prepared.

The Invitation

It all begins with the invitation. A well-made party invitation would set the tone of the party, and therefore, should not be poorly made. The design should be enticing and alluring so that the guests would be thrilled right away. The theme of the party should inspire the invitation’s design. Details must be complete and elaborate in an elegant fashion. Both print and script fonts can be used.

Event Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from various surroundings and memories can help you think better for the party’s aesthetic styling. Unique areas in the venue should be highlighted with captivating decor. If there is a grand staircase, adorning the banisters with garlands and white ribbons can make it the venue’s focal point. Bathing the whole area in dramatic lighting can also set the mood for the party.

Tabletops should be decorated with multiple layers. Displaying tall candlesticks paired with low florals will add depth, especially when combined with the right textures like glass and brass. For more intimate parties, the center of the dining table should be filled with greens and floral elements.

Menu Planning

A fun party should have a complete set of dishes, from appetizers to main courses, desserts, and drinks. While your guests wait for dinner to be served, placate their hunger by serving them canapés and cocktails. Smoked salmon and cream cheese canapés are a tasty treat that would surely satisfy your guests as they wait for the main course.

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail drinks are essentials in a luxurious party. Margaritas and a bowl of punch both serve as great cocktail drinks. For a more posh mix, try vodka and cranberry blush cocktails; it is a fusion of Cointreau, cranberry juice, and orange juice. This drink complements your smoked salmon canapés, so right from the appetizer delicacies, your guests are already having the best time.


Microphone and unrecognizable female singer close up

By all means, entertaining programs are a necessity to keep a party going. Music should be played at all times, and not repetitively. Your playlist should have more than enough tunes to last the night. It’s important for the songs to fit the event’s theme and overall vibe, and be suitable for certain parts of a program, for example, during dinner. Mellow music is preferable and more appropriate background music while guests sit down to enjoy their meals.

Having upbeat music ready to play is crucial if the program includes an open dance portion, like a disco. It’s better if you invite a DJ for more unique mixes, so you’d be sure to have music playing all throughout, should your rented equipment happens to malfunction.

Another foolproof way to keep guests entertained is to promote interaction. Simple games to liven up the atmosphere will get your guests excited. Your planned games should be an avenue for one guest being introduced to another. That way, there won’t be any awkwardness and your party will be a success.

Lavish or not, planning and executing parties take a great deal of responsibility, attention to detail, and quick-thinking. You should be ready for anything your guests may need so that they’ll leave satisfied and happy.



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