How Auto Collision Repairs Work

Getting into a car accident can disrupt your life, especially if your car is wrecked. Most people think their vehicle is destroyed beyond repair, but modern technology is capable of amazing things. This detailed video will show you everything you need about how an auto collision service works.

Dents are common in car accidents.

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Cars may have a small dent or look crumpled entirely. Even if a vehicle is crumpled in the front, it can slowly be pulled back to its original shape. We’ll show you how we accomplish this in the shop. Watching a car go from mangled to magnificent will make your jaw drop.

Collision centers do much more than stretch a car out or repair a dent. They utilize frame machines to complete structural damage. Bonding agents help fill in dents and dings, providing a smooth surface. The repairs don’t stop there! Dents are sanded smooth to provide a clean canvas for a fresh paint job.

Reversing the damage is not easy. Experienced technicians make sure that every measurement is exact, down to the last millimeter. This video will detail every crucial aspect of the process for a behind-the-scenes show you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the rest of the video to learn more about an auto collision service.



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