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Keep It Simple: Financing Your Car Without Losing Your Sanity

Cars are big purchases. For many, it is not practical to shell out a large chunk of their savings to get a car, knowing that they have other priorities to attend to. In this case, it would be sensible to get some financial help. Car financing is one of the best ways you can go for.

However, many car buyers have the impression that car financing and the procedure involved are a complicated idea. It is uncharted territory, and there are lots of layers to peel and deal with. But that should not be the case. You can understand it more easily if you have basic knowledge of how it works. One trick would be to pick an approachable car company.

It would also help if your car dealer in New Zealand is able to explain it in layman’s terms. Nevertheless, here are some of the things that you should know:

Mind your credit score

Before you visit a car dealership, you have to check first your credit score. Your credit score or rating is basically the grade that a credit company gives you based on your payments. If you always pay on time, you are likely to have a good credit score. Car financing companies and dealers with in-house financing look at this figure to determine your creditworthiness. The interest rate that you will receive may also depend on your credit history.

Go for shorter loan terms

For many, going for longer loan terms looks like more practical. After all, the monthly payments are much lower. But there’s a catch. The longer you pay your loan, the more money you’ll lose to paying interests. Shorter loan terms may have higher monthly payments, but the interest rates are much lower. What’s good about this is that you get to finish the loan much more quickly.

Consider the extras

More often than not, many car dealers and car financing companies include the miscellaneous expenses in the loan. But these will only make your monthly payment much higher. So as much as possible, you might want to pay these expenses separately. Such fees usually include taxes and insurance policies.

Learn to negotiate

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If negotiations and compromises are your strong suit, you may want to put that skill to good use in this situation. Negotiate the price of your car with the dealership. Ask if they can find a way to lower the price. When you get them to offer you the car at a much lower price, that means that you will need to borrow less money from a financing company.

Buying a car is sometimes muddled with confusing financing jargon. And that should not be the case. All you need is to get that car with some financial help—everything should be that simple. So what you need to do is arm yourself with knowledge. You have to ask the important questions. And if you want to learn more, it would help to get in touch with family and friends who have bought a car with the help of a financing company.



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