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Ride-Hailing versus Car Rental in Singapore: Which Should You Choose

The increasing popularity of various ride-hailing platforms in Singapore, such as Grab, GoJek, TADA, Comfort, and Ryde, has undoubtedly made the lives of both tourists and locals more convenient. Despite the efficient mass transportation services in the territory, the on-demand and point-to-point services of these platforms proved to be the two of the most important things that consumers wanted and needed. For many, the ride-hailing services are utilized by many due to its advantages over traditional car rental services.

The Traditional Car Rental Services

Although Singapore’s traditional car rental services are also efficient and comfortable, the rates are higher and more expensive as compared to the various ride-hailing platforms and private-hire services. These car rental services are almost the same with Grab, GoJek, and others but are different in terms of rental terms.

Car rental services in the territory – both local and international car rental companies – offer short- and long-term rental arrangements. As such, you can rent a car from a reputable company for an entire day or several months. With these arrangements, you are free to either be driven by a car rental driver or by yourself to your preferred destinations.

Some Important Notes

You must take note that rental rates vary, and these depend on the car type, the purpose of renting, and the rental duration. The average minimum rental price for a sedan car for family usage is at around 50.00 Singaporean dollars (SGD) or 28.00 pounds (GBP) every day. The most expensive rental rate may range from 450.00 SGD or 249.00 GBP to 1,286.00 SGD or 711.00 GBP for luxury sedan and van for a seven-day rent.

There are also requirements before you can rent a car in Singapore. Rental companies require someone to be at least 23 years old and not more than 69 years old. However, few companies permit individuals who are aged at least 70 to 74 years to rent vehicles.

If you are a foreign national, for example, a UK citizen, you must have an International Driving Permit (IDP) that can expire after 12 months. Following the expiration of your IDP, you must apply for Singapore driver’s licence to continue driving.

The Advantages of Ride-Hailing Platforms over Car Rental Services

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Now that you have the necessary knowledge on how car rental services operate, how much they cost, and what their requirements are in Singapore, here are some of the advantages of availing the services of ride-hailing platforms.

Convenience and Affordability

You should note that Singapore is a small country that can be toured in less than a day. The size of the territory makes the usage of Grab and other services more convenient and affordable to many. Out of all the ride-hailing services, Grab offers more ride options from GrabShare (carpool) to GrabCar (private-hire ride), and these cost only from 8.00 SDG or 4.42 GBP every 7 kilometers (4 miles). Apart from getting to your destination cheaper and faster, you can book these rides on your own time or schedule, and you were also able to help a local Grab driver. Car rental, on the other hand, costs way more, and the user is pressed for time because they are required to travel to as many destinations as possible within the contracted rental duration.

As of writing, GrabShare in Singapore is currently suspended due to an ongoing virus outbreak. Despite this, the use of ride-hailing services is still more secure and safer as compared to the traditional car rental service.


Another advantage is that ride-hailing services are modernizing and implementing innovations on their applications, particularly Grab. The company can now also deliver goods and food, and the Grab app can be used as an electronic wallet.

Soon, an on-demand air taxi will be available in Singapore. As of writing, Volocopter and Grab are exploring the possibility of air taxis.



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