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Taking Mind-Blowing Photos: Making Your Road Trip Worth It

Let’s face it. When it comes to beautiful places to visit, there really are far too many destinations and far too little time to visit them all. Think hard and think long. You can spend a whole lifetime touring the country but America won’t run out of picturesque places to visit. To the stunning lakes in Oregon formed long ago by the extreme heat of volcano eruptions to the fjords of Alaska, each breathtaking sight tells you how much you miss when you confine yourself within the cocoons of city life.

And when you decide to take a road trip to any of these destinations, you must remember to keep your priorities straight. As much as you want to savor each moment you spend when you arrive, you’ll run out of time. Like it or not, you’re bound to leave. When you do, what remains are the memories that you can keep. Then you realize everything will be but a memory to you.

That’s exactly the reason why photographs matter. Making sure your pictures of these places end up as stunning as you want them to be is a must. Here are 3 steps to get you started.


Photography is an art. And like any art form, it takes ample skill to succeed. The story of Pablo Picasso puts things in perspective.

In a nutshell, the Cubism founder was asked to sketch on a napkin while he was dining out in a restaurant. It might seem an insult asking a renowned artist to sketch then and there. But Picasso relented and taking out a charcoal pencil draw the picture of a goat. Seeing that the great artist gave in to her request, the fan asked Picasso how much the sketch would cost her.

To which Picasso replied that it would cost the lady $100,000 – much to her surprise. Hearing all that, the lady retorted that the drawing took only a few seconds. And the Spanish painter responded that it took him 40 years to do that. The lesson of the story is that success takes time. And definitely not overnight.

Take note that the best photo sessions in any given studio are planned. It’s no different for your road trip snaps. So do your due diligence. Research ahead what part of your destination is worth spending your camera time into. Then again, factor unforeseen events such as inclement weather.

Another reason why you should plan is daylight. Bear in mind that light plays a significant role in any shot. In this sense, you need to ensure that you arrive at a scenic beauty at the right time. Or you could end up with second-rate shots. Worse, you arrive when darkness has fallen.

Gear Up


The good news is today’s technology allows you to learn the ropes of photography and come up with great shots in record time. Gone are the days of the darkrooms and long processing.

But still, you have to come prepared for your shoot. For best results, list the gear that you need. This is where proper planning kicks in. If you’re going to shoot wildlife (bears of Alaska), then you need a telephoto zoom. If you want to capture vast landscapes, then a wide-angle lens is a must.

Moreover you might want to expand your functionality. Aerial photography can be as breathtaking as can be. In this regard, packing a drone with you is a must. The best drones made in the USA should bid you well. Not only can these drones carry cameras well with greater payload capacity, but they can also be controlled from afar. In short, you can take photos beyond your wildest imagination.

Then again, preparation is key. More often than not, road trippers regret not being able to take a particular shot for lack of a proper instrument such as a fish-eye or a macro.

Tell a Story

Again, like any gift, it’s the thought behind the picture that counts. Photographs that tell a story are the ones that leave a sweet taste in the mouth. You must find an interesting angle of the views in front of you to make your photos count.

What story would you like the world to know? Your story should be able to incorporate all the bits and pieces into one jaw-dropping tale. This is where your creative juices will need to pump in.

After all, when your road trip has ended, it’s the beautiful story you tell that gets retold and repeated with gusto.



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