Top Car Modifications You Should Try

When your car is new, you are most likely contented to maintain it as it is. There’s nothing like natural beauty, as they say. However, as your car ages, the urge to upgrade and apply modifications starts to kick in.

The same happens when you buy a preowned car or a used SUV. You want to personalize and make it your own. There are many ways with which you can upgrade and modify your vehicle. You can focus on the aesthetics of your car, on your comfort, and the power of your ride. The best thing about cars is that there are so many things that you can do to it. However, you must avoid overdoing it. You do not want your car to look like a collage of broken and ill-chosen parts.

Here are some top car upgrades and modifications that you should try for your favorite ride:

A Paint Job

A paint job is probably one of the safest modifications and upgrades that you can do to your ride. After almost five years on the road, your car might have collected some scratches that just bothers you. Or if you have bought a second-hand SUV, its color might not tickle your fancy at all. You can be tempted to do the paint job yourself. Unless you are a professional painter, let the professionals do it. It can be quite costly, but painting your car in custom color is a fun way to upgrade your ride. You do not want to mess it up with a sloppy and shabby painting job.

Upgrade Your Tires.

Do not be a cheapskate when it comes to the tires of your car. Your tires are the parts of your vehicle that come in constant contact with concrete, asphalt, and sometimes, even rock and dirt. Do not sacrifice quality over some measly savings. High-quality tires can make all the difference when you are swerving, driving on snow, or driving up an incline. High-quality tires also tend to last longer than their cheap counterparts, saving you money in the long run.

Install Back-up Cameras.

Back-up cameras only became the norm much recently. If you have an older unit, chances are, you do not have back-up cameras. Back-up cameras can make parking and reversing your car so much easier. You do not have to strain your neck to look back to see if you will hit something. It will be one of those inexpensive upgrades that your future self will thank you for.

Upgrade To Sport Seats.

Replacing the car’s stock seats with sports seats is one of the most commonly done car modifications. The right sport seats can make your drive more comfortable, giving you more support than the standard car stock seat. Not to mention, it can make the interior of your car look way much cooler. Make sure to choose sport seats that will allow you to use your car’s seatbelts, so you do not end up breaking any state laws and risking your life without proper restraint.

Install A Modern Infotainment System.

car gpsUpdate your car’s media with a modern infotainment system with a touch screen interface. These infotainment systems provide many functions, which include GPS, smartphone pairing via Bluetooth, multimedia support for audio and video, AM/FM tuner, and parking assistance, among others.

While you’re at it, you can also replace your car’s speaker system. A high-quality speaker system can make your daily commute more fun and entertaining.

Change Your Wheels.

Changing your wheels is another way to upgrade your older car’s look, but you need to be careful. Changing your wheels, if done incorrectly, can affect your car’s performance and handling. If you choose bigger wheels so your car can sport wider tires, you need to remember that bigger wheels mean more weight for your vehicle to carry. This can affect the efficiency of your vehicle, and might sometimes give you a rough ride. Choosing bigger wheels will also mean you will have to get tires with a lower profile or aspect ratio. The tire’s shorter sidewalls can affect the quality of your ride.

As with tires, it is essential to get only high-quality and durable wheels for your car.

Upgrade Your Suspension.

Upgrading your car’s suspension can improve its handling and can enhance the quality of ride. Make sure that you stick within your state’s limit for vehicular height adjustments. You can install sway or anti-roll bars, add suspension pads, change your shock absorbers, or add a strut brace.

Whether you want your car to stand out or you want to enhance your driving experience, make sure to add only high-quality car mods to your vehicle. Investing in functional and aesthetic customization can make your driving experience more enjoyable and fun. Just remember to consult with professionals and experts if you are not sure what a specific upgrade can do to your car’s performance.



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