Water Adventures: Adventurous Ways to Cross an Ocean

We all love a good adventure, and in most instances, it’s actually quite healthy for us. We all yearn for it as human beings, and finding ways to surpass a problem is part of any adventure. But what if that problem is huge? What happens if that problem comes in the form of an ocean? Oceans are the biggest body of water on Earth, and believe it or not, it has only been a few hundred years since we’ve learned how to cross it.

But throughout those many years, we’ve learned that there are multiple ways we can solve a problem, and usually, these ways involve either leisure or speed. Depending on what kind of person you are, there are different ways to cross an ocean.

Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are humongous, and they are an adventure in themselves. They are certainly great for crossing oceans while leisurely living your days inside its comfort. This is the most obvious and safest option on this list. If you don’t have any experiencing driving boats, then this is the closest thing you can get to crossing an ocean without getting your feet wet. It’s a two-hundred-dollar expense that is certainly worth its price. But now, we get into many daring options on this list.

Fishing Boat

Many oceans in the world have many fishing corporations daring enough to travel its high waters, and if you’re the adventurous type and you love to fish, then this choice is for you! Fishing boats aren’t very comfortable because aside from the fact that they stink with fish, they can also be quite small. But what it lacks in comfort makes up for its character and durability. You might never get any more adventurous than riding a fishing boat to cross an ocean, and believe it or not, someone has done it with a much smaller boat.

Ralph Brown and his brother have crossed the Atlantic ocean (from Tampa, Florida to Germany) inside a much smaller fishing boat (21 feet). This shows that it’s certainly possible to cross an ocean with a fishing boat, and if you’re a daring captain, this option is certainly for you!



It’s not the most efficient choice, but it is certainly one made for risk-takers and adrenaline seekers. Sailing boats are one of the slowest boats out there, but it is certainly one built for leisure and accommodation. If you’re the kind of person who wants to take a more slow and steady approach, this option is for you.

Renting a sailing boat is also not that hard to do since you can almost do it anywhere. Compared to the other options on this list, this is also the most affordable. If you’re an experienced captain looking for some adventure, get yourself a sailing boat and cross a great ocean.


If you like the fanciest way to cross an ocean, renting a yacht is for you. This particular boat isn’t just made for recreation purposes; it can cross bodies of water with ease. Yachts have been known to cross many bodies of water, and people actually have used them to cross both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Some yachts even come with the best modern equipment around, and they can plan your route for you. Although it’s quite expensive to rent one, it might be worth doing so if you’re an amateur captain and you have an amateur crew.

Once you’ve chosen the right water vehicle for you, it’s time for you to learn a couple of trips for sailing the great ocean.

Choose an Ocean-worthy Boat

We’re telling you to do the complete opposite that the Brown brothers did for their transatlantic voyage and choose yourself an ocean-worthy boat. They are experienced captains, and if you don’t have at least ten years under your belt, you should let your vehicle do most of the job for you.


You also have to intensively navigate your route. Choose the safest paths and routes that are close to beaches and any landmass. In this case, you don’t get lost, and you’re close to land if you encounter any major problems. Don’t cross any body of water by driving straight in the middle of it. Be safe and follow known navigation paths.


Another reason why you should choose routes next to land is that you’re going to need to stock on provisions quite often. Most transatlantic trips by boat can’t stock the necessary provision at the start of the trip. You’ll be restocking in major ports along the way to sustain the fuel your boat needs and have the necessary food and water you and your crew needs for this daring cross.

Keep Practicing


If you’re not ready to cross an ocean just yet, then consider practicing. Cross other smaller bodies of water and simulate dangerous situations. This will help you gather the necessary knowledge you need to cross the great ocean.

Crossing an ocean can be challenging, but that’s the point of every adventure. So choose yourself an ocean-worthy vehicle and get practicing. Who knows, you might be able to break some records and even bring your name into the Hall of Fame.



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