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The Top 5 Most Memorable Cars Built by Smokey Nagata

Smokey Nagata is a legendary figure in the world of high-performance cars, known for his innovative tuning techniques and iconic car builds. This article will examine Nagata’s career and highlight some of his most memorable car builds. From the famous Top Secret Supra to the incredible V12 Supra, these cars have cemented Nagata’s status as a true icon in the world of automotive performance.

Smokey Nagata’s Career Overview

Nagata has been involved in the car tuning and racing scene for over 40 years, beginning his career in Japan with the renowned Top Secret tuning shop. As a young man, he gained fame for his aggressive driving style and innovative tuning techniques. From the late 1980s to the early 2000s, Nagata established himself as one of Japan’s premier automotive tuning experts.

His most famous builds include the Top Secret Supra, a modified Toyota Supra with an upgraded engine, improved suspension, and an aggressive body kit. His V12 Supra was also widely acclaimed, featuring a massive V12 engine and numerous aerodynamic upgrades.

In the UK, Nagata did something that cemented his status as an automotive icon – he got arrested for speeding on a public road in a modified Supra. He gained worldwide fame for this incident, further elevating his reputation as an enthusiast and tuner.

As a tuner, Nagata’s approach is all about balance and precision. He aims to maximize the performance of his cars while keeping them as safe as possible. He’s also known for creating unique builds focusing on attention to detail and quality. Speed without compromise is at the heart of his tuning philosophy.

Top 5 Most Memorable Cars Built by Smokey Nagata

1. Top Secret Supra


The most famous of Nagata’s builds, the Top Secret Supra, is an iconic car. It features a heavily modified engine, improved suspension, and an aggressive body kit, making it stand out from other vehicles. Nagata added a range of performance upgrades to make it faster and more powerful. It’s become one of the most recognizable Japanese cars ever due to the gold paint job and the big rear wing.

2. V12 Supra

The V12 Supra was Nagata’s most ambitious project. It featured a 5.0L V12 IGZ-FE engine taken from a Toyota Century and an extensive range of aerodynamic improvements. With top speeds of over 200 mph, the V12 Supra was one of the fastest cars on the road. Nagata also ensured it was reliable and safe, using the latest tuning technology to ensure it ran perfectly.

This was also the infamous vehicle Nagata was arrested in, while driving on a public road. Due to its extreme performance, Nagata was jailed (for one night) and fined.

3. Top Secret GT-R

fast car


The Top Secret GT-R was another of Nagata’s famous builds. The Nissan GT-R was already a powerful car, but Nagata added his own unique touches to make it even faster. He modified the suspension slightly to maintain everyday usability and tuned the powertrain to nearly 600 horsepower (the exact figures have not been disclosed).

4. 320km/h Supra

A different kind of Supra than the Top Secret and V12 models, the 320km/h Supra was designed to achieve top speeds of over 200mph (320 km/h). Nagata swapped out the stock engine for a 2JZ-GTE with upgraded internals and an improved chassis, brakes, and suspension. The result was a staggering top speed that earned the car its name.

5. Supra RZ Twin Turbo

With the Supra RZ Twin Turbo, Nagata showed he could build a car for both performance and reliability. The engine was upgraded to a twin-turbo setup with improved fuel delivery and cooling systems. The car was also fitted with a wide range of parts to ensure it could handle the increased power. The result was a car that could take on the track and the street.

Impact and Legacy of Smokey Nagata’s Car Builds


Smokey Nagata is now a major figure in the world of tuning and racing. The living legend himself has been credited with immensely impacting the automotive world. His attention to detail, innovative tuning techniques, and unrelenting drive made him one of the most influential figures in the world of performance cars. The man’s philosophy of speed without compromise has also been adopted by many.

Nagata also influenced various forms of pop culture, from video games to movies. Gran Turismo 5, for example, features a Top Secret Supra modeled after the car he built. His signature gold paint job is also often seen in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Smokey Nagata’s car builds become iconic symbols of performance and precision. From his early days in the Japanese tuning scene to his legendary car builds, Nagata’s influence will remain in the world of performance cars for years to come. From Top Secret Supras to V12 Supras, Nagata’s work will continue to inspire generations of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Smokey Nagata’s car builds left an indelible mark on the world of high-performance cars, and his innovative approach to tuning and modification has inspired generations of car builders and enthusiasts. By taking a closer look at his most memorable car builds, we can gain a deeper appreciation for Nagata’s incredible talent and his enduring legacy in the world of automotive performance.



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